Oriental rugs are excellent investments for your home. They add pristine, unsurpassed beauty to every room with their rich, jewellike coloring and ornately detailed patterns. The amount of work and design that goes into making a genuine Oriental rug is staggering and is part of what makes them look so impressive. All of this is why you should work hard to protect your investment. Hire an Oriental rug cleaning service to prevent discoloration and keep them safe from the following environmental factors. These damaging factors in your home can destroy your Oriental rugs.

Dirt and Dust

Pollutants in the air and on the ground are common causes of Oriental rug damage. Dirt and dust can dull the appearance of your rugs, especially in brighter spots. That’s because the dirt and dust particles collect on the rug fibers and dampen their ability to reflect light. Sand and other sharp fibers can actually cut delicate fibers. A professional Oriental rug cleaning service can restore the original appearance of your rugs, so they’ll look good as new again. You’d be shocked how much richer and brighter your rugs will look after a cleaning. That’s because dirt and dust affects rugs so gradually that you may not even notice them dulling. For best results, keep shoes and pets off of your rugs at all times. This will prolong the lifespan of your Oriental rug.


While water is used by virtually every Oriental rug cleaning service to remove pollutants and stains, prolonged exposure to water can completely destroy high-quality rugs. Water can invite mold, which will eat away at rug fibers, especially organic ones made of wool and plant fibers. The mold will actually deteriorate the fibers over time. Keep your rugs away from appliances that use water, flowerpots, and doorways, where moisture may leak onto them. Also, clean up spills as soon as they occur.


A water spill isn’t the only type of moisture that can damage your Oriental rug. Humidity can also cause damage. Humid air can contribute to mold growth in organic rug fibers. While this damage may be reversible, the treatments required will be extensive and precise. If you suspect any humidity-related damage to your rugs, take them to a professional as soon as possible.

Oriental rug


Sunlight, specifically the UV rays in sunlight, are just as damaging to your rugs as they are to your skin. Sunlight can fade the dyes that give your rug its precise, beautiful coloring. If you have organic fibers, such as wool or silk in your rug, sunlight can even break down the fibers themselves. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to protect your rugs. Keep windows closed during the hottest hours of the day, especially where direct sunlight may enter. If you want to let in natural light, apply UV-filtering tint to your windows, hang sheer curtains, and have your rugs inspected for UV light damage regularly.

These environmental factors can make your Oriental rugs look much worse. However, it’s rare for a good Oriental rug to be unsalvageable. Take your best rugs to the cleaning and repair experts at Azhar’s Oriental Rugs. We offer high-quality, deep, and delicate Oriental rug cleaning in Miami, FL, that can liven up your rugs and prolong the life of these beautiful pieces. Contact us today for all you rug cleaning needs!