Palm trees, beautiful beaches, world-class entertainment and open-air restaurants—welcome to Miami, Florida! Besides the beauty and fantastic dining experiences, Miami also holds the record for being one of the most humid cities in the country. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are one reason for the high humidity. Don’t forget the Atlantic Ocean! Also, with an average dew point of more than 60%, Miami enjoys a semitropical climate. If you live in this part of the United States, you’re aware of the challenges you face from the high humidity levels. You feel wet and sticky much of the time when you’re outdoors. Humidity also effects your home, especially rugs.

Mold in Your Rugs

Humidity adds moisture to the air. Moisture contributes to mold development, especially in carpets and rugs. Your rugs are susceptible to mold when humidity levels are high because that extra moisture gets trapped in the rug fibers. Mold is a sneaky thing too. By the time you notice mold growing on a rug, it’s already in an advanced stage. Mold loves dirt. If you don’t clean your rugs on a regular basis, your rugs are even more susceptible to mold development.

Dirt Filters Down

Living in Miami means you track a lot of sandy dirt in on your feet and shoes. Much of that dirt falls between the fibers in rugs. Were you aware dirt also tags along with moisture in the air? Dirt can travel with the moisture in the air. This is why it’s so important to control humidity in your home. Keep humidity levels around 40-50%. Maintaining ideal humidity levels discourages mold development in your carpets and rugs. Combine humidity control with a regular rug cleaning schedule. Vacuum rugs at least weekly and schedule professional help from a Persian rug cleaning service in Miami, FL, once a year. Rug cleaning doesn’t only get rid of the dirt, it also helps improve your home’s air quality.

Oriental rug

Humidity and Pests

Unlike humans, certain insects love humidity. Many insects need moisture to thrive, so they’re especially drawn to humid environments. Carpet beetles and moths are two insects you may find camping out in your rugs. Humidity may draw them in, but they’re looking for food. The main food source for these pests is wool and cotton rug fibers. If your rugs aren’t cleaned properly or you never clean them at all, they’ll be even more of an attraction to insects. Inspecting rugs for insect infestations can be taken care of by a Persian rug cleaning service. They’re specialists who know what to look for when it comes to pests that invade your rugs.

Rug Damage

Ultimately, humidity creates the perfect environment for rug damage. Excessive humidity encourages mold growth. Mold, if not detected soon enough, can permanently stain rug fibers. Stains are bad enough, but over time, if you don’t address high humidity in your home, rugs may suffer from dry rot. Dry rot is a condition where rug fibers deteriorate. Stains can often be removed but dry rot makes a rug completely fall apart.

As you can see, humidity can seriously impact your beautiful rugs. Controlling the humidity levels in your home is one thing you can do to preserve the integrity and beauty of area rugs. Scheduling professional cleaning can also help you enjoy your rugs for many years. If you haven’t cleaned your rugs this year, contact Azhar’s Oriental Rugs at (305) 666-3461. We pick up and deliver!